„When we started the group we wanted to upgrade the conditions for the community. The group is necessary so that we can assist eachother. Because we don’t have good toilets in Korogocho we were thinking of starting up this water and sanitation project with the youth group. With this we can assist the community. We are now running the project. People from the community are supposed to give three to five Shillings to use the toilets. With this the members of the youth group earn a small income. This is the business of the youth group members. We are jua kali men, we take care about the toilet facilities, discuss with the people around, that’s what we are doing. The standard of my life depends on the place where I am living, Korogocho. But we are trying to save our lifes and upgrade our lifes. We like being member of the group because those who are there understand eachother and we are doing things together. They, everyone in the group has the basic understanding, that’s why we are making it. But everything we do, we do it within the community and do it for the community.“

Förderer und Verantwortliche

Ein Projekt der Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institut für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften, Didaktik der Geographie.

Das Projekt wird gefördert durch Engagement Global mit Mitteln des BMZ und wurde im Rahmen der Länderinitiativen zur Umsetzung des Orientierungsrahmens für den Lernbereich Globale Entwicklung entwickelt. Die Leibniz Universität Hannover ist für den Inhalt alleine verantwortlich. Der Inhalt spiegelt nicht die Ansichten des BMZ wider.