Videos about the SDGs

What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

The 17 SDGs are at the core of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, which was adopted at the United Nations summit in September 2015. Developed with the participation of the civil society, Agenda 2030 is considered a milestone in the recent history of the UN. The Agenda expresses how development on earth should be shaped in the coming years and decades.

The decisive point is that the 17 SDGs are equally relevant for all countries on earth and that all people should work together to implement the goals. The five "P’s" sum up the core messages of the SDGs: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership.

By clicking on the following icons you will receive further information on the respective SDG. Moreover, you will be directed to a video channel where you can watch informative videos about the SDGs. Pupils of grades 9 to 13 from different schools in Germany, students of Leibniz Universität Hannover as well as friends from Ecuador, India and Kenya have created these videos.


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